Urgent Care

When can your primary care provider (PCP) treat you?

For most illnesses and injuries, Oasis should be the first place you call when you need care. If you are a current patient, you may choose to walk-in or call ahead and get an appointment for later that day. If appropriate, you may be given advice for self-care. Your provider could call in a prescription to your drugstore. You can even call at night or on weekends. The on-call physician can be reached by calling Livingston Regional Hospital at 931-823-5611.

Need a walk-in appointment?

We are happy to accommodate walk-in appointments during regular business hours. It is our sincere belief that our team is most prepared to treat your illness or injury efficiently and appropriately. 

When should you go to a hospital emergency room?

Emergency rooms are for major medical emergencies only. Go there only when you think your illness or injury could result in death or disability if not treated right away. If you are currently facing a medical emergency please call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest emergency room.